Logistics at PSLT Limited

Logistics at PSLT Limited

PSLT Ltd is the UK’s independent supplier of re-manufactured fitness equipment and our team can assist you with more than just gym equipment… We can help take care of anything you need to help set up and maintain a successful business whether it be a health club, leisure centre, hotel, school or prison gymnasium. We have experience with all kinds of facilities at many different locations. And when it comes to the logistics – PSLT have you covered!

has its own logistics team, in house. We can guarantee to provide a solution for any given situation.

When we talk about logistics, we tend to be referring to the details and organisation of things and the implementation of the operations of the project going ahead. We continue to run a smooth and successful business, making sure all the logistics are taken care of in the most efficient way. You can have full confidence in our team here at PSLT. We can guarantee that we will work to meet your requirements, as we do with every customer and provide you with the best quality service.

Not only do we install new gym equipment, but we can remove your old, used apparatus to help maximise financial benefit. We can prepare your space for the reinstallation and take away and stressors you may have. If you are having new apparatus and accessories installed to your facility, getting rid of the old stuff can be a headache. Just leave it to us! Our team are more than happy to cater to your needs and have a specialised group of individuals within our company that can remove this for you. 

Additionally, we will fully reinstall your gymnasium and deliver all machines and apparatus straight to your club, giving it a new fresh look and state of the art appearance. You can leave all the heavy lifting to Physique.




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