Core Sissy Squat (SIS-001)

Core Sissy Squat (SIS-001):

The Core Sissy Squat is a British manufactured fully commercial gym equipment. Core offers precision made equipment using features like tube laser interlocking systems to ensure that the equipment is built to extremely high level of accuracy. The Sissy Squat is hand built and finished, ensuring only the highest of quality. Each piece of the Core Sissy Squat is assembled and set up to guarantee fit and function before leaving the premises.


Condition of Core Sissy Squat:

This is a high quality brand new Sissy Squat which is good to use to strengthen your quadriceps, hips, core strength and improve balance. The Sissy Squat is designed with secure features to avoid you falling over during your workout. We always welcome a visit to our premises so that you can view and test the Sissy Squat before committing to the order.