Precor Icarian Abdominal Bench – Epic Strength Bench

Precor Icarian Abdominal Bench:

The Precor Icarian Abdominal Bench has strong adjustments, dual leg roller pads and handles to support which will help with easy entry and exit. This Abdominal Bench is good to use as the angle of the bench is placed downwards to raise the pelvis and to lower the head including rollers to support the feet. The abdominal section on this Precor Icarian Abdominal Bench is prefect to use for the muscles on the back and the upper body.


Condition of Precor Icarian Abdominal Bench:

The Precor Icarian Abdominal Bench is in good used condition with a few aged related marks but everything works as it should. All our benches are cleaned and checked by our trained engineers. Any structural/mechanical damage which makes the machine unsafe/unusable will be repaired/replaced. Paintwork and upholstery will be as it is. Due to the nature of the business and the reason for our cheap prices, we do not offer warranty on the equipment. We always welcome a visit to our premises so that you can view and test the equipment before committing to the order.


Epic Strength Bench:

Within our Epic Strength Bench, the Precor – Benches / Racks is a well-known brand of gym equipment. Precor create their benches to be strong and bold that is suitable for every fitness space.