Pulse Series 1 Treadmill

Pulse Series 1 Treadmill:

The Pulse Series Treadmill features a handlebar and an extended side hand grips with a low step-up height which makes the machine easily accessible for the user. This treadmill has a smooth but a very powerful motor and a running speed of up to 12mph which is perfect to use for a run. The Pulse Series is an ergonomically robust, reliable and low maintenance solution for environments such as gym and homes. A Pulse Series 1 Treadmill is the prefect workout machine as it reduces the chance of injuring your back, knees, legs, ankles and the belt glides over the deck with ease which reduced the wear on the treadmill.


Condition of Pulse Series 1 Treadmill: 

The Pulse Series 1 Treadmill is in good used condition with a few aged related marks but everything works as it should. All our treadmills are cleaned and checked by our trained engineers. Any structural/mechanical damage which makes the machine unsafe/unusable will be repaired/replaced. Paintwork and upholstery will be as it is. Due to the nature of the business and the reason for our cheap prices, we do not offer warranty on the equipment. We always welcome a visit to our premises so that you can view and test the equipment before committing to the order.