Can Listening to Music Improve Your Workout

Can Listening To Music Improve Your Workout?


When you go to the gym for a workout, you always hear upbeat music or see people wearing their own headsets while completing their workout session. Normally, people synchronise their movements and expressions with the music they are listening to. Research has shown that ‘music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency’1. This proves that if you listen to your own music, you are able to achieve an efficient workout without any distractions. In order for you to accomplish a great session, you must pick your choice of music that will allow your body to move to the music.


Can Listening to Music Improve Your workout?



Importance of Tempo and Speed:

Tempo and speed are two types of qualities of music that are known to be a rhythm response. There are many studies that have shown ‘how the exact tempo, as measured in beats per minute, affects one’s level of exercise. These studies determined that the ideal tempo necessary for maximum performance depends on the type of exercise’2. This has shown the tempo is necessary for the extreme performance. Each time you complete a type of exercise you always listen to a different type of music as each workout has its own tempo.


Can Listening To Music Improve Your Workout?


Overall, music helps you to be motivated with your workout as it has physical effects. The more upbeat your music is it will make you work harder and give you a greater outcome.



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