How To Rev Up The Fitness Romance This Valentines?

How To Rev Up The Fitness Romance This Valentines?

How To Rev Up The Romance This Valentines

Each year on the same day, we do the same casual overrated dinner on Valentine’s that I guess we can all agree to be bored of. So, this Valentine why don’t we spice things up and rev up the romance with some fitness.


How To Rev Up The Fitness Romance This Valentines


Why Should I Do A Workout Instead of Going To My Favourite Restaurant?


How To Rev Up The Fitness Romance This Valentines


Working out with your partner brings ‘happiness to your relationship’1, as you get to bond together through physical activity. It will increase your emotional connection by the nonverbal engagement to experience better feelings. This indicates mutual loyalty between you both, being able to make a positive change in your behaviour as well as strengthening your relationship. It is vital that you regularly exercise as it can help you maintain a balanced weight. Exercising frequently can help you feel better along with avoiding common diseases such as; obesity, heart diseases, stroke, heart attack, cancer (breast, colon, uterine), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. Working out reduces day to day stress as research shows ‘exercise helps curb stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline’3. Taking 30 – 60 minutes out of your 3 – 5 days of the week can benefit you the lower chances of getting stressed over any pity things and help you think more clearly.


Ok, So What Workouts Can I Do With My Partner:


‘Couples who regularly embark on these challenging and fun excursions tend to have a strong trust bond’2. This shows that you are able to strengthen your bond through activities that you would usually undertake.


How To Rev Up The Fitness Romance This Valentines


Here is a list of some workouts you can both give a go:


  1. Wall Sitsworks on muscles in your lower body including quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves. They can increase your muscular endurances and can develop your steadiness. 
  2. Plankworks on your full body mainly concentrating on the upper, core and lower body. It can also reduce the chances on lower back pain.  
  3. High Five Plank – helps you increase core strength by stimulating muscles and high five planks can help improve your posture. 
  4. Push Ups – is good for building strength on your upper body as well as working on triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders. It also strengthens your lower back and core by connecting the abdominal muscles.
  5. Synced Squat – helps improve your flexibility and toughens your tendons, bones and leg muscles.
  6. Sit Ups: Lock Them Feet – is good for your abdominal muscles and allows more stimulation on your hips.  
  7. Sit Ups: Pro Level – is good for strengthening and toning your core abdominal muscles.


If you’re both up for a tougher challenge together, why don’t you try the following activities:


  1. Yogahelps to increase intimacy as it entails trust and connection.
  2. Hikeshelps to lower stress levels and your mental well being.
  3. Race helps your brain to think clearly and deal with struggles more positively. 
  4. Rock Climbing helps to build trust in your relationship.
  5. Swimming helps to improve your mood, increases your self-esteem and reduces stress.


How To Rev Up The Fitness Romance This Valentines


With this being a fun activity to proceed with your partner it can also make your workouts last longer than usual. Exercising with your partner can add responsibility and strength to your relationship making it more exciting. Why don’t you give this a go this Valentines and try something new with your partner. See how this new routine has built your relationship to become healthier and how the connection has grown.


P.S (Don’t Be Like Them)


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