Plan your meals – if you take running and fitness seriously

Plan your meals and devise a sensible eating plan that you can stick to, which will suit your lifestyle. Don’t set yourself unreasonable targets for food consumption. Unless you’re seriously overweight, it’s unlikely that your diet will need to undergo drastic restructuring.

Sometimes you miss certain triggers and cant make the plan work because you don’t read the fine print on the nutrition labels. Certain foods are high in carbs and fat and for a runner that is a no no. You need energy all the time, not in reserve.

Avoid the following culprits –  high-carbohydrate foods which are also high in fat. Lasagne, thin-crust pizza, croissants and granola are some of the worst culprits, but there are many more so make sure you read the fine print.

Eat little and often

Frequent snacking throughout the day is a sure way to avoid low blood sugar levels and tiredness by the time you get home for your run. Research shows that eating little and often is best for runners… as long as you’re eating the right things.

Make a point of taking healthy snacks to work with you so that you aren’t caught out. Avoid high-fat snacks such as crisps and chocolate, opting instead for snacks combining a healthy dose of protein and carbohydrate, which make the best fuel. Fruit, especially bananas with nut butter, a handful of nuts, plain popcorn, low-fat crispbreads and natural yoghurt are all excellent choices.

plan your meals

Regular sensible snacking is important, but proper meals are where good runner nutrition really counts. Pasta is the runner’s classic favourite, but there are plenty of other excellent high-carbohydrate foods, such as brown rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans and pulses and quinoa.

Proper nutrition can help improve performance in any sport, not just running. take it seriously and plan your schedule and meals to energise your body with quality nutrition, without feeling hungry all day.





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