Precor S-Line Seated Leg Curl – Epic Strength Equipment


Key Features:

  • Suitable For Commercial Use
  • Roller Pad
  • Spring Assisted Back Pad
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Natural Movement

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Precor S-Line Seated Leg Curl:

The Precor S-Line Seated Leg Curl is a dual-functional commercial based exercise equipment which is designed to be easily usable as well as the ankle pad and the shin pad being easily adjustable. This seated leg curl has a fitted knee pad which allows comfort and good support when performing the leg curl exercise. The Precor S-Line Seated Leg Curl has a section where you can add on weights by giving the lever a gentle push as this allows you to increase the work load.

Condition of Precor S-Line Seated Leg Curl:

The Precor S-Line Seated Leg Curl is in good used condition with a few aged related marks but everything works as it should. All our leg curls are cleaned and checked by our trained engineers. Any structural/mechanical damage which makes the machine unsafe/unusable will be repaired/replaced. Paintwork and upholstery will be as it is. Due to the nature of the business and the reason for our cheap prices, we do not offer warranty on the equipment. We always welcome a visit to our premises so that you can view and test the equipment before committing to the order.


Epic Strength Equipment:

We sell Epic Strength Equipment by Precor Strength that is made to be comfotable with many different positions to fit in within a orbit of user sizes.


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