Commercial gym designing – a customer centric approach

If you are looking to design a commercial gym facility, PSLT Ltd offers specialist services to create 3D drawings and plans with all of the different features and equipment you want to include. It can be difficult to create a design for a completely new gym from scratch with nothing to work from, so we’ll help you through this process and make it a lot easier. Our prices vary for each project so feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss a quote for designing your commercial gym.

As each fitness centre will be completely different, you’ll need a unique design and layout plan which suits your budget and the available space you are looking to fill. You’ll be able to select a range of features and pieces of equipment to suit your business and target clients. We can incorporate a range of fitness equipment into the design, including treadmills, spin bikes, cross trainers, free weights and resistance machines. Whatever products you are looking to have installed for your gym, we’ll fit them into a detailed floor plan to show you a 3D design of how the facility will look.

Our commercial gym design service can help you decide on how your facility looks, the number of machines you’ll need and how everything will be organised. Please fill in our contact form to speak to an expert about the costs of our specialist design services.




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