Trading in used gym equipment is always a time-consuming process. At PSLT we send containers around the world daily.

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Trade with confidence when trying to sell or buy used gym equipment in quantity.

How we trade in Gym equipment

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At PSLT Ltd we know are always buying and selling thousands of pieces of gym equipment every week.

It can be graded in different levels of stock and is always consistent with what we offer.

We also offer a bulk refurb service, send us your container and we will send it back looking like new. 

In order to facilitate a variety of businesses, we have several packages you can choose from pallet load deals to full container shipments. 

PSLT has been a leading gym equipment service provider and repair specialist in the UK for over 20 years.



Trading in used gym equipment is always a time-consuming process. If you are a gym operator and in the process of considering buying new gym equipment for your facility, you will no doubt be faced with the problem of trying to sell used gym equipment.

We Buy Gym Equipment is a quick and convenient way to value your used gym equipment, what more, we offer a seamless extraction service which will work alongside our delivery department to ensure you minimise downtime.

Secure the best price for your old equipment via a qualified pool of used gym equipment traders. The commercial dealers have been specifically selected to bid on approved packages from gym operators all over the world. The traders are qualified in gym equipment removal and have an excellent track record in our industry.

A hassle-free process and a great way to ensure the best financial return for the gym operators unwanted used gym equipment.

We operate in the USA, UK and most European countries. Please get in touch if you have any questions, otherwise register as a seller using the buttons below.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, you can call us out for a one-off repair job, we offer transparent and clear pricing to ensure you know where you stand.

Yes, we offer warranty packs for equipment purchased from us and maintenance contracts for those purchased from else where. 

We have thousands of electrical circuits in stock and can fix move electrical problems in gym equipment. 

It is quite simple, give us a call and we will give you a quote based on your gym equipment and size and then tailor it if needed. Once you’re happy, we can get it started and you’re covered. 

Unless you have a full service contract, parts are extra, but we will talk you through the options we have. Just fill in the form above and our team will be happy to assist you.