How to do Arnold’s shoulder press – Video tutorial – Better results in 30 days

Build boulder shoulders with Schwarzenegger’s patented shoulder press. A lift that lets you go lighter at the end of the workout to exhaust the biceps

Arnie’s take on the shoulder press has been developed after years of training. The former Mr Olympia uses the dumbbell overhead press to activate the shoulder muscles. It recruits all three sections of your deltoids – the round muscles at the tops of your upper arms – with the result that you build fuller, wider, more defined shoulders, and improve your posture to boot.

Feel the burn

The advantage is you can do this routine in many different weight levels, and don’t have to go heavy but you must ensure it is intense.

You don’t have to go too heavy with the weights to achieve excellent results with the Arnold press either. The exercise keeps your muscles under tension longer than barbell presses and standard overhead presses do, meaning that despite the lighter weights you’ll still be stimulating plenty of new muscle growth.

Tip: Keep your elbows more in front of you for more demand on the front delts

Watch the video guide

Whether you’re at the gym working out or at home, trying to keep fit, this is a simple exercise that will provide you with great gains and results.


To keep the body guessing you can mix it up by starting with the heaviest weight and dropping 2kg at a time to drop set to an incremental gain in reps and next month you can reverse it.

You can also do it from a standing position although for beginners ensure you have a lightweight and belt. And it is also a great exercise for you to do on an adjustable bench, which are functional and easy to use, and provide excellent back support.




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